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Looking For Local Acting Schools?

Read on to learn more about our acting classes & development program.

There is so much more to being an actor than just transforming into a character on screen. Skills like memorization, maintaining good posture, knowing where your light sources are, and even basic industry skills like knowing how to read a breakdown or what sides are, can help a new actor stand out from the crowd at an audition.

The acting industry is a professional industry and actors have to know things like:

Do I need an agent? Or a manager?
Do I need an acting resume?
Can I just go any casting even if I don’t have an invitation?

A good acting school for beginners will teach aspiring actors about the business side of the industry, as well as work through techniques and skill-building to refine the actors presence onstage and onscreen.

This is where Barbizon comes in.

Barbizon acting classes for kids, teenagers and young adults are a great first step to learn about the industry and then connect with real, local opportunities in acting. Here, we teach new talent what goes into the business side of acting and how to elevate yourself. Our training program helps new actors and models develop the skills and confidence needed to pursue local acting and modeling opportunities. Through our placement program, we are able to help to connect Barbizon actors and models with local industry pros and opportunities.

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Barbizon Isn’t Just About Walking On A Runway Or Reading Lines From A Script, It’s So Much More! The Barbizon Experience Is About Discovering What Makes You Special, And Developing Your One-Of-A-Kind “Star” Quality For The Whole World To See. We Invite You To Review The Barbizon Programs To See How Our Expert Modeling And Acting Training, Along With Life-Skills Instruction, Will Give You The Confidence And Tools To Shine For A Lifetime.

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