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Actor's Guide To Effective Speech

Whether you book a role on a stage, in a TV show or on a commercial, being able to speak well is a key trait for models and actors.

In fact, no matter where your goals or dreams take you, it is important to be able to talk and connect with others. Below you will find an outline of the different elements that can impact your ability to communicate effectively.

Model Tip

Being on set of a photo shoot can be a long day. Hurry up and wait is the name of the game in the industry! Always arrive to every casting or booked job early and be ready to go when you are needed by the different people on set.

Actor Tip

Get comfortable with your emotions. An actor will need to tap into many different personal experiences and feelings to be able to play different characters. Practicing in the mirror is a good way to see and change how you look when you are portraying different feelings.

Personal Development Tip

Be reliable. This means you should strive to be the type of person others can count on. Whether it’s your agent sending you to a new audition or your boss giving you a new project at work – being reliable will keep you high on the list for future projects and opportunities.

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