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Behind The Scenes

There's a lot happening on the set of a video shoot, photo shoot and fashion show.

Lights, cameras, people, props. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like on set of a real production and what types of people you would meet, we’ve got you covered.

Model Tip

Breaking into modeling starts with really and honestly knowing your market. Once you know where you can best shine and fit into the industry, you can begin to target agencies that specialize in your look and marketability as well as the right types of local casting opportunities.

Actor Tip

Improv is a great way to practice thinking on your feet. To be successful, you’ll need to be able to immerse yourself in a scene and react to the other actors. We’ll practice improv during classes, but in the meantime grab a friend or parent and Google “improv exercises” to practice some unscripted fun.

Personal Development Tip

Clothes matter. Not the brand or how much you spend or how many different pieces you own. But how you present yourself does. Take care of your things, show off your personal style while remembering to look put together and dress for your body type so that you feel comfortable and confident.

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