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Starter Guide To Photo Angles For Models

What makes a great photo?

The photographer in a photoshoot setting will be looking at the scene, the camera focus, the lighting, the mood and so much more. As a model, it’s your job to be able to take direction. The photographer will help coach you to get the look and feel that they want for that shoot. However, you should know the basics about photo angles and how to work with the camera.

Model Tip

Every model needs to know the basics of makeup (even the boys). Sometimes, you will be required to show up on set “camera ready” because there will not be a makeup artist available. Powder and concealer are critical tools under the lights on a set.

Actor Tip

At the beginning of an in-person or taped audition, a slate is how you introduce yourself. You look at the camera (or casting director) and offer a greeting, state your first and last name, the agency that sent you to the audition, the role you are auditioning for and your age (if you are under 18).

Personal Development Tip

Throughout your time at Barbizon, you will hear over and over again about “You, Plus.” Always showing the best version of yourself is important! There is a place for someone just like you in the industry and beyond. Bring your A-game wherever you go.

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