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Know Your Model Type

Did you know that not all models are tall?

In fact, models can be any height, weight, race and gender. There is a place for every look in the modeling industry. Whether you want to break into local modeling or you’re more interested in honing your acting skills, knowing what your market is will help you target castings, agencies and opportunities that are a perfect fit for you!

Model Tip

For runway modeling, a model has to hit his/her mark. This is the spot one to two feet before the end of the runway. Practice placing a mark on the floor and hitting it without looking directly at it. Remember, the cameras need to see your eyes!

Actor Tip

Acting requires a lot of reading. Make sure you practice reading as often as possible and expand your vocabulary. It’s always good to practice reading aloud and with emotion. Make sure you are effectively using your voice to communicate as an actor.

Personal Development Tip

Confidence is key to being a successful model or actor. In fact, confidence is an important trait no matter what industry you end up working in. Smile, take pride in how you present yourself and stand tall to give yourself small confidence boosters.

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